Chet Valley Photography Club

A friendly photography club

Thanks to our last speaker Kevin Sawford

for his amazing talk on wildlife photography, and how to improve images whilst in the field.  Check your pictures and see what you can do better (flatten that stray piece of grass, change your angle or wait 5 hours!).

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2017 Exhibition Results

Our exhibition has now been cleared away….273 photos from our club members.  Well done to everyone who participated, and thanks to the public for voting for their favourites! 

Click to see all the winning photos here

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Thanks to our last speaker Bill Blake the kite photographer

Most of the club were completely sold on photography by kite instead of by drone, Bill pointed out the many advantages (the length of time you can have your camera in the sky, no need to have a licence, and being able to fly a kite right above buildings and crowds and in wildlife reserves), and a few downsides!  Here are some of the photos from his website Bill

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Thanks to Alan Sarsby for his talk

…Composition beyond the thirds. Alan’s talk got us all thinking and discussing many composition techniques far beyond the ‘rule of thirds’.  Here is a selection of photos from the evening.

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Thanks to Claire Carter…

…who drove all the way from Shropshire to Norfolk to finish her talk on Aurora, misty mornings and a trip to the small island of Eigg.  These are a few of the fantastic landscape photographs she showed us, see more of her work here:

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